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First Time I Met My Therapist….

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Are you one of them that already had a first-time session with a therapist? How was for you?

When I had my first session of therapy, I was so excited because I wanted to see what a ‘therapist is doing’ in real life not just the role plays we did when I was study to become a counsellor / psychotherapist.

I found that I can ‘talk’ about me without being interrupted and I can change the subject without worrying too much about the fact that maybe they don’t get the ‘message’.

Today I will talk about my therapy setting and what to expect from me and therapy itself. I know been awhile since I wrote my first blog…. But life been busy, chaotic, lots of changes but still full of nice surprises and discoveries.

First, of everything, can be scary but not doing it is more difficult to accept. First session of therapy can be an important step for many of you but what if will help you to discover the best version of yourself and bring a huge smile and peace in your life. Does not mean that you come to the first session, and you will be ‘cured’ but maybe will give you hope. Like I said before counselling can be a rollercoaster, but it is ‘your rollercoaster’ and each of us will ‘ride’ it in our own way.

First session is always about you knowing me and me knowing you. As we said before both of us are scared, nervous and curious about what will happen in the room ( on the phone or online). In the first session you will be welcomed with a big smile and asked to have a sit. All the ‘house rules’ will be presented and any questions you may have will be answered.

Once I finish the introductions, I will invite you to talk about why you came to therapy and if you have any goals / targets you want to achieve, if you decide to carry on working with me.

Some clients describe the first session as ‘a fresh air’ because they feel listened in their journey of telling their ‘story'. Some of them are ‘mortified’ or just a bit apprehensive. Once they know what will happen in the room: listening, talking, reflecting, connections between events, exploration.... they can relax and enjoy 'me' time.

It is absolutely fain if you talk about 1 million things in the same time, I am trained ‘through experience’ to make sense of what you say and to help you put your story in the way you wanted it.

I will say the first time you come to therapy, or a new therapist, is like you buy a home: nervous, excited, high hopes, dreams, expectations and curiosity. If you like the house you will go back, just to be sure is the one, and after you may buy / rent it. So, if you like the first session, although is full of lots of emotions, you may decide to come back and address them and to discover the new ways of acting in different situations.

In the first session, I need to 'evaluate' if I am a good fit for you, in terms of my skills or I may need to refer you to a different specialist. Sometimes I can carry on working with you while you access additional help, sometimes I may not be the best match for you and your needs.

In the first session I am so excited to discover your story, you in general and to start built a relationship which will help you to feel comfortable, safe, listened to take on board new challenges.

Hope my blog made you curious about wanting to check what ‘therapy’ is about. Each session of therapy is different not just because we are all different, it is about, where are you at that point in time.

Remember I am with you all the way till the end of therapy, I am walking along side you but you are the ‘leader’.

If you want to check out / try and see what it is all about please send me an email, give me a call or complete the contact form on my website.

See you soon, Carmen

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