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Rainbow and Baby Loss
Therapy Clinic


Inflatable Heart

           When you or your partner get pregnant a new sense of purpose, hope, a fresh start, an exciting future ahead with our new found family status. The hopes and dreams start for your unborn baby at that very moment as does your boundless and unconditional love for them.

              Very sadly for some, these dreams are shattered and they are left devastated when their much-loved baby dies.

             Are you the lucky one to be called a mum / dad of a Rainbow baby? 

        Rainbow baby is a baby who was born after the parents loss their sibling at one stage of pregnancy or as an infant. Are you experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions such as:

- guilt

- anger

- shock and disbelief

- denial

- a feeling of disconnection

- depression, anxiety and the associated panic attacks.

       ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE QUITE NORMAL AND WILL TAKE TIME FOR YOU TO GET AND CONNECT WITH YOUR NEW BABY. The new baby doesn't replace what happened, we still need to grieve and go through the process of loss and to figure out how to be connected and in love with our Rainbow baby. 

       Please get in touch if you need support. Talking and being listened by will help you to make sense about what happened, your feelings and how do we move on.  Contact | Carmen Marin Counselling and Psychotherapy Service | Rainhill (

             Are you / or your partner pregnant after you lost a baby?  All of the above feelings may manifest from the first moment you decide to try for a baby and also, the whole pregnancy. This is quite

normal and you can get help if you wish to do so. 

          I am a qualified therapist who has extensive experience and training with parents who have a Rainbow or loss a baby. 

       I would be happy to hear from you and to offer the support you may need. Please get in touch to ask any questions or to book an appointment : Contact | Carmen Marin Counselling and Psychotherapy Service | Rainhill (

         Some of us will decide not to try again, after losing our baby,  to have another one because of what happened or our own circumstances. Please reach out and I will be honoured to offer you the support you need with your grieve and getting with terms with your final decision and with happened. 

Please get in touch: Contact | Carmen Marin Counselling and Psychotherapy Service | Rainhill (



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